Revolutionizing Melons

Personal melons at the size of your palm full of flavor and joy

SuperFruiter melons bring super fresh news to consumers,
marketing channels and growers

Fresh, fun and easy to clean and eat

  • Personal size (400-900 grams)
  • Small seed cavity
  • Very few empty seeds
  • Edible rind (cherry melon)​

Up to 50% higher yield

More fruits per plant: up to 20 fruits compared to 4-5 in regular melons

Variety of choices

  • Tailored fruit for each taste and marketing channel preferences
  • Size: 200-400 gr., 400-700 gr., 700-1,000 gr.
  • Shape: round, oval
  • Rind pattern: wrinkle level and color
  • Flesh color: green, white, orange

A wide range of melon types

The SuperFruiter trait was introduced to 7 melon market types: Yellow Canary, Piel de Sapo, Galia, Ananas, Honey Dew, Charentais, and to a new market class “the Cherry Melon” – a small melon with edible rind and distinctive pattern (yellow, smooth). Combined with the SuperFruiter trait this new market class has empty seeds and tiny seed cavity, thus it can be eaten like an apple.

The first varieties that will be available for commercialization 2024/5 will be of the following types:

Yellow Canary

Piel De Sapo

Cherry Melon

Vertical marketing – Tailored Supply Channels

SuperFruiter offers to its fresh produce chain partners, such as supermarket chains, fresh produce traders and fresh cut producers, to choose their own unique type of melon, according to their needs and wishes.
We proactively connect between large growers and chain partners, and tailor exclusive supply channels for each variety. Seeds are then sold directly to the growers or to selected nurseries that supply seedlings only to the dedicated growers.
This unique Vertical Marketing approach creates unique benefits as well as higher profitability to all our chain partners.

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About SuperFruiter

SuperFruiter is a young startup company focused on breeding and commercialization of unique specialty cucurbits, beginning with melons.
Our varieties are based on a patented technological breakthrough developed at Volcani Center, Israel’s governmental Agriculture and Food research institution.
SuperFruiter is managed by COPIA Agriculture & Food Technologies L.P., an Israeli VC Fund and BreedX, an Israeli seed company, specializing in breeding and commercialization of specialty vegetables.

Our Vision: To revolutionize the melon market
Our Mission: To breed and market personal-size tasty and consumer-friendly melons
Our Purpose: To redefine the melon value chain, make it more integrative and bring added values to both consumers and growers

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